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Breathing Easier Thanks to an Old Friend

Remembering the past can also mean looking forward

Medicine can be a surprising topic when one really looks into it. People tend to think of it as a journey forward, never looking back. But in reality medicine is often about examining and reexamining every aspect of life. It's not at all unusual for people to look at things from the past only to discover that it holds hope for the future. Something like leeches, for example, fell out of common use for a long time. But people discovered all new uses for that ancient practice which not only matched but surpassed some modern treatments. That's only one example out of many. But perhaps the most impressive example comes from herbal medicine. And one plant in particular, hemp.

An old remedy used in a new way

Hemp has been revered as a very powerful medicine for quite some time. But there's always been one big problem with it. Hemp simply isn't a very easy plant to work with medicinally. The body tends to break down some of the most important components within the stomach. It can be taken orally, but it's a longer and more involved process than many people want to deal with. And even after doing so there's the larger issue of sick people needing to deal with vast amounts of plant matter. This has decreased the overall medical utility of the plant. But there's been a recent breakthrough in how people relate to hemp. People realized that hemp would be a perfect companion to electronic vaping systems. This was the genesis of something known as cbd vape juice. The juice is placed in a vape. And the mixture can then be breathed in as water vapor. The water vapor instantly pushes the healing properties of the hemp plant right into one's body. And it allows people to make use of it who otherwise would never be able to.